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CONNECTION  has always been a big part of the Global Trailblazing mission and along with our learning journey was an absolute must when we create the concept of Global Trailblazing | The Online Youth Club


Introducing the Global Trailblazing Family Social Network: Where Connection and Friendship Thrive!


As a parent, you want the best for your child. You understand the importance of fostering meaningful connections and friendships, especially in today’s digital age. That’s why we’re thrilled to present our bespoke club social network, designed exclusively for the members of Global Trailblazing | The Online Youth Club. It’s like a mini and simplified children’s Facebook, but with a focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment for young minds to flourish.


Here’s why our Global Trailblazing Family Social Network stands out as the ultimate hub for your child’s social growth:


Our club social network transcends geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of global community and cultural exchange.


As parents ourselves we work with our Global Trailblazing parents/carers as a team to do our very best to ensure the safety of our kids in our club


Whether it's collaborating on a quest or just hanging out, our platform offers endless opportunities for personal and intellectual development


We believe in the power of positive role models and mentorship and as GT leaders to empower your child to reach their full potential


We encourage our parents to be involved in the activities within the club through our private Facebook Community

Your Personal Club Profile

Every child has their own profile in the club where they can do lots of fun things! They can personalise how their profile looks and use it as their central place to share with us what they are up to!


Its a fun space just for them and the friend they choose to make in Global Trailblazing.


We encourage them to engage here in the club so that the can truly feel the connection with other members.


PLEASE NOTE – Just like everything online, safety is key and so we ask our parents to regularly monitor their childrens activity.  Also wellbeing is als important to us and whilst our club is open 24/7 we encourage our members to dip in and out of the club rather than spending prolonged periods online. Our club is a tool for learning and connection.  Being outside and being away from an electronic device is also extremely important!

Our Club Groups

Within the club we have a number of groups where we can discuss specific topics (below are just a few of them!)


BASECAMP is our central group where we hang out the most and where we post updates and club communication.


We have groups specifically for our core learning pillars where our members can post questions about their quests or any other quest support they may need.


We also have groups specific to areas we know we have many children interested in and we will continue to harness this and create more groups as we cultivate these new and amazing friendships 


Our LIVE sessions are a another way for us to give our Global Trailblazers a chance to learn, connect and have fun!


Although we LOVE to meet our Trailblazers, attendance at our live sessions is not at all compulsory.  


They are just another resource and addition to our club to give out Global Trailblazers the best club experience we can.


We have 4 regular live sessions:


THE FITNESS ZONE – Every TUESDAY one of our leaders GT Ian takes our kids through a 15 min Fitness Blast to get their hearts pumping and their bodies moving!


BASECAMP – Every other WEDNESDAY we host our open club session, where we hang out together for an hour, do some fun activities, share what we have been up to and our members can also show us some of the work they have been doing on their quests. We LOVE seeing their work and it also gives them an opportunity to practise presenting in a safe and supportive space too.


GT WORKSHOPS – Alternate WEDNESDAYS to BASECAMP we host our GT Workshops which are workshops lead by our club leaders or guest facilitators.  We cover lots of topics around our 6 core learning pillars from first aid to singing, bike maintenance to photography and more!


THE CHILL ZONE -Every TUESDAY, GT Kirsty takes our Trailblazers through a powerful 15 min chill session, mixing up meditation, breathwork and other activities to help out kids in a practice of mindfulness and calm.


Here at GT we are committed to playing our part in supporting our members physical and mental health.  Our FITNESS ZONE and CHILL ZONE sessions are recorded and uploaded to our club site for 7 days to encourage our members to repeat the session 2-3 more times that week to build up a regular practice of health and wellbeing.


*NOTE* Our Trailblazers do not have to have their cameras on during our live sessions, although we would love it if they do and will support them to have the courage to have their camera on. From a safeguarding perspective we will reach out to any parent/carer to discuss this if we need to.


We want out Global Trailblazers to feel happy and comfortable in our club and will do whatever we can to ensure that happens.


SAFETY: We take online safety very seriously and as parents ourselves we want to work WITH all the parents/caregivers of our trailblazers to ensure our kids are safe. So we will consistently encourage all those who look after our trailblazers to regularly check their accounts with us and who they are connecting with and to report anything that is of concern. Because together we are stronger and the safety of our kids is a non negotiable!


As we grow we really want to facilitate opportunities for our Global Trailblazers to meet in person!

From 2024 we fully intend to host some amazing events and in person meet ups at different locations around the world!


Because even though we are utilising the online space to the best of our ability, we all know that nothing beats ‘in person!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us, we'd love to welcome you!