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Welcome to Global Trailblazing, the ultimate online youth club for children aged 5-14 years, designed to bring learning and friendship together for children all around the world within our fabulous bespoke global club platform.  Whether your child is a worldschooler, a homeschooler, lives in a rural area with limited access to in-person clubs, or faces neurodiverse challenges that make it difficult to participate in traditional settings, Global Trailblazing is here to provide an inclusive, engaging and fun club experience for your child.


We also serve as a valuable after-school resource for schools. At Global Trailblazing, we believe every child deserves a chance to explore, learn, and connect with like-minded peers. in a fun and unique way. Join us today and unlock a world of adventure, education, and friendship, right from the comfort of your home wherever that may be and however that may look!


NOTE: Whilst our club has lots to offer, none of it is compulsory! Your Trailblazer can pick and choose how much or how little they participate in! It’s THEIR journey! 

There are 5 key parts to how our club works, let us explain:

When your child joins Global Trailblazing they become a Global Trailblazer, a unique and wonderful journey of learning, connection and fun!


As a Global Trailblazer they can choose to earn virtual badges by completing Trailblazing Quests in any of our 6 core learning pillars


This is their own personal journey which they can complete within the club in their own personal profile. They can complete the quests independently or with parental support and as they complete the quests they work their way through our trailblazing ranking system!


Our Trailblazing Quests provide a fun way for our Trailblazers to learn in their own time and at their own pace!

As our Global Trailblazers complete their quests they work their way through the Global Trailblazing ranking system.


Everyone starts off as a Wanabee Trailblazer and after just one quest they can rank up to a Junior Trailblazer.


There are 15 ranks to be achieved.


Do you have a Seeker Scout in your midst or perhaps a Pioneer Explorer?


Our highest rank is the Ultimate Trailblazer!

As well as our quest journey, our Global Trailblazers can join us for any or all of our LIVE sessions.

These run every week and are a great way for our Global Trailblazers to connect with the GT community it’s leaders and their fellow trailblazing buddies.


We are committed to playing our part in supporting our Trailblazers physical and mental health as well as giving them more opportunites to learn, connect and have fun!


All sessions are recorded and are uploaded to our club site and all sessions alternate each week between 8am and 6pm UK time to allow for time zone differences.


If you are not in the UK, you can check what the timezone would be for you by clicking HERE! 


Tuesdays is The FITNESS ZONE - Join us for a live 15 min work out to get your heart pumping and your body moving!


Wednesday is BASECAMP - This is our regular open club meet up where we hang out online, do some fun activities and our members get to showcase their quest work if they want to. We love seeing what our trailblazers have been up to!


EVERY MONTH we replace BASECAMP with our GT WORSHOPS. These live workshops can be on all sorts of topics from first aid, to bike maintenance, singing to photography and so much more


Thursday is The CHILL ZONE - Join us for a live 15 min chill session to calm your mind and breath. Each week we mix up visualisation, meditation and breathing exercises.

We know how important connection is for kids and so within our club site our Global Trailblazers can access their own bespoke mini social network. Like our very own mini GT Facebook.


Our Trailblazers can update their status, add photos and videos, join one of our theme specific groups to find other members who share similar hobbies and interest, send friend requests to their new buddies and message with them too!


And if they want to chat, they can video call their trailblazing buddies to hang out, either on their own or on a group video call.


Chat, connect, work together on quests or just have fun together wherever you are in the world!

Truly feeling part of a global community!

At Global Trailblazing, giving back is huge for us and we are so happy that through our Global Trailblazing Foundation we are able to support projects and initiatives that support disadvantaged children around the world.


Through our work with our Foundation we also want to inspire and nurture compassion, kindness and a desire and belief that our trailblazers each have the capacity to positively impact the world and others through both their membership and through their own choices and changemaking endeavours.


‘Alone we are but one drop, together we are an ocean’  SOROTO


We support projects that bring a positive and sustainable outcome to those we are able to help in the areas of education, health and development