These are some of our most frequently asked questions! if your question isn't answered here please use the contact form or message us on our chat box!

We have a rolling monthly club membership and an annual club membership and you can choose whichever one works best for you.

The annual option gives the best value and the monthly option allows you to allow your membership to roll month to month.

Standard Monthly Membership = $9.99 per child

Standard Annual Membership = $99 per child ( best value 12 months for the price of 10)

If you wish to enroll 3 or more children we offer a 20% reduction on your 3rd child and subsequent children providing they are part of the same household.

Please contact us so we can give you the special code for larger families.

You can cancel your membership to the club at any time but please note that if you choose the annual membership and leave the club before your 12 months you will not be refunded for months that are not used.

Global Trailblazing is for any child (aged 5-14) around the world who has access to the internet, who would like to be join a fun online club where they can learn loads of cool stuff by completing quests and earning badges and they can make friends from all around the world and hang out with them on our bespoke social platform.


Our intrepid future Global Trailblazer could currently be homeschooled, worldschooled, roadschooled, online schooled, go to mainstream/traditional classroom based school, or any other the many other ways families choose to raise their children and learn.


Our club is also a great place for children who struggle at school or in social situations and but really want to be part of a club and are happier in the online space.


The quests can be used as a primary learning resource or as an after school club activity, the choice is up to you and your global trailblazer.


All we ask parents/caregivers in return is that you help us build an incredible global community of awesome humans and to help them reach their potential in their own unique and wonderful way!

The quests are all self directed and are accessed within our club portal.


Our members can choose which quests they want to do, there is no order and they can do more than one at a time. It is their journey.


Depending on the age of the child they can work independently or with parental support.


Each of the quests have on average 4 activities required to complete to complete to earn that quest badges.


The time needed to complete the quests vary considerably according to the activities.


Some quests may take a few days and some may take a few weeks.


It will also depend on how much time the Trailblazer wants to set aside to work on their Trailblazing quests.


There is no pressure at all our side.


The Trailblazer can take as short or as long as they want.


This is their journey.

The Global Trailblazing journey is built around TRUST.


Trailblazers will not have to prove to us that they have completed the activities required for the Quests and to earn their badges.


However we would love it (and sometimes ask) if they can share some of their work with us on their personal profile or in our Quest Groups.

Some of the quests actually ask for the trailblazer to share with the community.

Every fortnight we host our 1 hour BASECAMP live meet and within this session we will also host our showcase where we will encourage our trailblazers to show us some of our quest work and would love to see it!


The trailblazer will have their own personal profile that will house their own personal journey as a Global Trailblazer.


The trailblazer (or your caregiver) will be responsible for updating their personal profile after they complete their tasks and marking them complete.


We ask that to get the best from the quest journey that you take your time and enjoy the process and fun of the learning rather than rushing the activities just to get the badge.

Not at all!


There are over 85 quests currently available and your global trailblazer can pick and choose whatever quests they want to complete.


They can choose to never do a quest and just join for the social side.


There is no pressure from us at all!


Each child is completely in control of their own journey and experience.


Some children may want to silently stay in the background and some may want to get involved in everything.


We are happy as long as your child is happy!


We will be constantly adding to our quest collection!


There is no pressure at all our side. However we would love to see our trailblazers completing quests that interest them AND trying out quests on topics that might be completely new to them!


To encourage them we have a ranking system where they will earn a new rank each time they complete a certain number of quests.


The final ranking is our Trailblazing Legend!

Childrens safety whilst using our platform is extremely important to us, both as the facilitators of the club and as parents ourselves.


We will of course be in the club monitoring activity but it will be impossible to monitor every single members interaction on a constant basis so we need to work as a team on this.


We therefore kindly ask that you regularly discuss online safety with your child and regularly check the activity and interaction that your child has on our platform in a way that shows them you are serious about keeping them safe.


If you are concerned about anything we ask you to report it to us immediately.

Here at Global Trailblazing HQ we have lots of ideas for the future growth of the Global Trailblazing world!


We will adapt and modify as we grow, and will very much be asking our members for input into how we develop and grow in a way that will continue to support our young people and their families!


We definitely have plans for some in person meet ups in the future and we are always open to ideas and suggestions!

The Quests have been designed so that they can be modified/adapted accordingly by the Trailblazers caregiver.

So for a younger Trailblazer there may be more caregiver support and less detail, but for the older Trailblazer, they should be encouraged to be more independent in their quests with more detail in their tasks.

We have also written a blog post on this topic which may help.

We recognise that some children older or younger than our core age group may want to get involved with Global Trailblazing and so if that’s the case just drop us a message and let’s see what we can do!

We will base decisions on an individual basis 

Our live sessions take place on a Tues/Weds/Thurs!


The FITNESS ZONE is our weekly 15 minute fitness blast held every TUESDAY

The CHILL ZONE is our weekly 15 min meditation and relaxation session held every THURSDAY.


We alternate every Wednesday with BASECAMP and GT WORKSHOPS

BASECAMP is our open club meeting and our GT WORKSHOPS are live sessions taken either by our club leaders or guest trainers on different learning topics.

Our sessions are held at either 8am or 5pm UK TIME, to take into consideration time zone differences and all sessions are recorded and housed in our club for members to watch on replay!

Our live sessions are not compulsory, they are just more resources available for our global trailblazers to learn, grow, connect and have fun!

Absolutely! We would love to talk to you if you are connected to a school and being a global club means your school can literally be anywhere in the world!


Global Trailblazing is an amazing resource for students either to support learning or as a fun ‘afterschool’ club!


We have a couple of options of how we collaborate with schools and would love to share that with you!


Just get in touch and we can give you all the details!

No problem at all! You can either use the ‘contact us’ function, email us at [email protected]/global or use our chat box!

We look forward to hearing from you!